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SugarSync 混亂事件


———-轉寄的郵件 ———-
寄件者:SugarSync, Inc.
日期:2010-6-2 下午8:41
主旨:Ticket #3822-8352215: Solution Suggested (Sync never ends)

A solution has been suggested for your Ticket. Please review and let us know if you have any additional questions or comments.

Hello ,

We noticed an issue with the latest version which caused some issues with the sync. We immediately removed it and reinstated the older version for download. However, I will forward your suggestion regarding the email alerts to the product department.

unfortunately, we cannot restore the database to a previous point in time. You will have to manually check the files. Due to the inconvenience caused, I have added one month free to your account.

Please let me know if you have any further queries. I will be glad to assist.



SugarSync Customer Care

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票務信息: 票務# : 3822-8352215 創建日期: 2010/5/24下午05:58北京時間 發行類別: SugarSync的經理 產品版本:1.8.0 要查看或更新此機票: – 請登錄到您的帳戶 – 點擊在頁面右上角的“幫助”鏈接 – 點擊“我的支持”選項卡,在屏幕的頂部 幫助台和客戶支持軟件Parature