wua.la 真是好用又免費的網路空間,目前也加上同步與備份的功能,對於基本應用上已經足夠了。我在四台電腦的加持下,已經把空間衝到200G,足夠把我的照片、音樂和影片都放上去備份。不過,還是會擔心空間不夠用,要是能夠拿家中24小時開機的NAS也分享出來,不是又有另外一個100G了嗎?

我找了一下,還真的有很多這方面的討論,基本上有兩個條件:(1) NAS必須是Linux-base的;(2)你要會使用command line,因為wuala的java介面沒辦法在NAS上顯示。


Re: Wuala on a NAS Postby novafox » Fri Nov 26, 2010 7:05 pm

Since Wuala is based on Java, you would need to be able to run a JRE 1.5 or later on your NAS. Even then, the NAS probably won’t provide a graphical environment, so you’ll be restricted to the Wuala CLI (command line interface), which is very limited and basically only allows you to set up storage trading – it does not support backups or sync.Here are some useful references:
– Setup instructions for a QNAP NAS. These worked fine on my QNAP TS-259 Pro.
– Wuala Linux Installation Guide with useful links
– List of available command line options

You can help me nudge the Wuala guys along toward supporting backups via the command line. Alternatively, a human-readable config file for the backup definitions would do the trick, too.




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